Episode 18 – Broadening the Meta

We’ve spent the last couple of weeks talking about the Mono-Red menace. This week, we notice the indications that the metagame has maybe begun to turn back and we might have space opening up at the top. Simeon has also had a look at the conversion rates for the decks at the one PPTQ we have results for, Alpha Games, have a look at that here.

Episode 17 – GP Memphis vs Red

Thanks to TOs that battled the elements, ran events and got us deck lists, this week we gather intelligence on 5 PPTQ top 8s, Xtreme Trades, ACE Comics, Manaleak, Patriot Games, and Playnation. We also talk about the GP results and what that may mean for our conflicting meta game, as well as our look at new products.

You can also read my current view on the format here.

Episode 14 – The Rivals Meta Takes Shape

This week we gather intelligence on 3 PPTQ top 8s, Forge 26, Castle Comics and Axion Now.  Simeon has also gone out of his way to generate a meta breakdown of the last 2 so that we can really see the shape of this new world we find ourselves in now that the energy menace has been dealt with. The meta breakdown from Simeon, with data from Castle Comics and Axion Now (many thanks to both), can be found here.