Episode 20 – Servo Facts of Life and Death

This week Simeon and I look into two PPTQ top 8s from AC Models and Freaking Awesome. Our deep dive is on a deck which makes use of a strategy we said on last weeks show would be one to consider when facing off against UB Control and Mono-Red – tokens! But not the sort … [Read more…]

Episode 18 – Broadening the Meta

We’ve spent the last couple of weeks talking about the Mono-Red menace. This week, we notice the indications that the metagame has maybe begun to turn back and we might have space opening up at the top. Simeon has also had a look at the conversion rates for the decks at the one PPTQ we … [Read more…]

Episode 17 – GP Memphis vs Red

Thanks to TOs that battled the elements, ran events and got us deck lists, this week we gather intelligence on 5 PPTQ top 8s, Xtreme Trades, ACE Comics, Manaleak, Patriot Games, and Playnation. We also talk about the GP results and what that may mean for our conflicting meta game, as well as our look … [Read more…]

Episode 16 – How to use MTGO lists

This week we gather intelligence on a PPTQ top 8 at Murphy’s Vault, and then take a look at the changes to information we are getting out of wizards from standard leagues online, and what we as players can do to make the most of this information.

Episode 15 – Standard Bogles

This week we gather intelligence on 4 PPTQ top 8s. Simeon and I look a little harder at this weeks breakout deck with 2 PPTQ wins to its name – UW Auras. Also, have a look at the current breakdown of top 8s we have covered so far this season here.

Episode 14 – The Rivals Meta Takes Shape

This week we gather intelligence on 3 PPTQ top 8s, Forge 26, Castle Comics and Axion Now.  Simeon has also gone out of his way to generate a meta breakdown of the last 2 so that we can really see the shape of this new world we find ourselves in now that the energy menace … [Read more…]

Episode 13 – Common factors at GP London

This week we talk through GP London, with mentions of everything from Standard to Pauper. We also keep talking about the GP… we never really make it off of GP related subjects actually. Our regularly scheduled programming will return next week, when we have some PPTQs to talk about.

Episode 12 – The First Rivals PPTQ results

Simeon and I gather intelligence on a PPTQ top 8 from Gamers@Hart, the first PPTQ of the season. We also talk through the way the meta online is shaking out. Contents News: None Top 8s: 1:28 Deep Dive: 12:03 Intro and Outro Music: Bit Quest by Kevin Macleod News Theme: NewsSting by Kevin Macleod

Episode 11- Brews and Bans

Simeon and I talk about the recent shake up in the standard meta and live brew a Merfolk deck. Have a look at what we came up with (after having a look at some other ideas) here. Contents News: 0:28 Top 8s: Nope Deep Dive: 20:56 Intro and Outro Music: Bit Quest by Kevin Macleod … [Read more…]