Episode 43 – Cards that missed in standard

Standard Intelligence
Standard Intelligence
Episode 43 - Cards that missed in standard

This week we gather intelligence on 3 modern PPTQs Dice and Destiny, Patriot Games, and Mug and Meeple. We also look back at cards that are rotating and looked good but never got much of a moment in the sun.

News: 0:39
PPTQs: 17:02
Deep Dive: 35:15

Intro and Outro Music: Bit Quest by Kevin Macleod
News Theme: NewsSting by Kevin Macleod

One thought on “Episode 43 – Cards that missed in standard”

  1. I’d love to see a leaderboard right points system of qualifying for the rptq I top 8 pretty much every pptq I go to and usually qualify but in seasons where I haven’t it’s really demoralising to travel over and over again and lose money on events

    This season I’ve lost 1 win and in ((forge 26 Halifax Jeskai))came 9th by 1% (harlequins Preston ((Jeskai)) lost 2 quarters (IQ Huddersfield And Scarborough ((esper control)) and 2 finals (patriot Sheffield and xaos games Newcastle ((Jeskai control))

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