Episode 47 – How has Modern been this season?

Standard Intelligence
Standard Intelligence
Episode 47 - How has Modern been this season?

This week we gather intelligence on 5 PPTQ top 8s from Beanie Games, Playnation, Games Den, Yard’s Games, and the Missing Geek. We also take a look back at how the modern format seems to have evolved this season, and discuss some recent events in the greater magic community.

News: 00:57
PPTQs: 29:24
Deep Dive: 50:36

Intro and Outro Music: Bit Quest by Kevin Macleod
News Theme: NewsSting by Kevin Macleod

2 thoughts on “Episode 47 – How has Modern been this season?”

  1. Yeah I top 8’d with a similar 5c List the week before at Aldershot, both of which double ID’ing in to top 8 and losing to burn in top 8 because of bad mulligain decisions, the deck is insanely complicated and I’m playing it mainly because of that reason, I’m going to carry on playing it for the time being and hopefully you guys will see more results with it 🙂

    1. It always looks to me like one of those decks that are spectacular if the pilot knows what they are doing because you have an effective out to everything, its just a question of knowing how to play to it. Something I leave to smarter folks than myself. I think that is one of the reasons we dont see it very often, not many people will pick up a deck for the love of complexity, but hopefully we will see it, and you, in results at the next set of modern events (in whatever form they may come).

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