Episode 61 – Choosing a Deck Early

Standard Intelligence
Standard Intelligence
Episode 61 - Choosing a Deck Early

This week we gather intelligence on a PPTQ at Beanie Games in Stockton-on-Tees, and discuss decks to consider playing ahead of a tournament on prerelease weekend.

For those of you interested in seeing what I play, the tournament will be on twitch at twitch.tv/wincontv on Saturday 20th January around 5pm GMT. I’d love it if you could come over and support my run. If you want to be part of the building process, visit twitch.tv/JackPatten_MTG Thursday and Friday – we will be testing out the new set.

News: 0:45
PPTQ: 18:10
Deep Dive: 26:30

Intro and Outro Music: Bit Quest by Kevin Macleod
News Theme: NewsSting by Kevin Macleod

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