Episode 77 – Time-Travellers vs One Whirly Boi

Standard Intelligence
Standard Intelligence
Episode 77 - Time-Travellers vs One Whirly Boi

After weeks with no results to talk about, we finally get to flex our analysis muscles talking about one international and one local set of results that are going to help define our early standard metagame. The SCG tour showed us what happens how a room filled with degenerate combo decks stacks up against efficient creatures and burn spells, while the results from Axion Now shows us what happens when someone decided to beat up on the decks that beat up Nexus of Fate.

Local Results: 2:10
Deep Dive: 20:00

Intro and Outro Music: Bit Quest by Kevin Macleod
News Theme: NewsSting by Kevin Macleod
Art: Chandra, Fire Artisan Japan Alter by Ryota-H
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